Edmundo Rodriguez

Edmundo Rodriguez, EdRo, is a Venezuelan artist who has been lived in the United States 14 years in Brooklyn NY. Influenced by an artistic family environment and since he was very young he manifested a deep admiration for the beauty of nature and art developing a great interest in the fine arts.

Jose Gregorio Gonzalez

Jose Gregorio Gonzalez (Jogre) was born in Caracas, Venezuela and has made Queens, New York his home, after obtaining political asylum. Before coming to United State, Jose Gregorio studied to be an educator, specializing in Education for Work. He taught classes in Electricity, Architectural Drawing and Visual Arts to different middle and high schools.

Sigfrido Duarte

Sigfrido Duarte is a Dominican artist whose painting are his passion and a need that is satisfied through each artwork. His art reflects a form of expression without word boundaries, a tool to turn ideas into a language that is in constan evolution, an expression of spiritual concepts that can be real, surreal or abstract.

Lucia Luna

Lucia Luna was born in Colombia, as a child the only toys and her most treasured possession was a doll and a small box of crayons. She spent her hours in the front yard of her home drawing and painting. At age of six, she won her first art contest at the local level in the city of Popayan. As a reward he received her first box of 12 colored pencils. This was her more valuable treasure.

Angélica Muñoz Castaño

Muñoz is a Colombian-American fine art-documentary photographer looking for gallery representation and exhibition opportunities. Born in Teaneck New Jersey and raised in the Colombian coffee region, Muñoz’ work has been an exploration of mixed-cultural identity and the investigation of traditions preservation and regeneration. She currently resides in the United States and continues to travel photographing towards her various bodies of work. Her work has been part of several group and solo exhibitions both in the United States and Colombia.

Felix Ciprian

Born in Miami, Florida, Felix grew up both in the Dominican Republic and New York City. He studied Theater at NYU’s Tisch school of the Arts, graduating in 2005. While at Tisch he had the opportunity to study Irish culture and cinema in Dublin, Ireland in association with Trinity University. Upon graduating, Felix became involved in costume and Set design. His work has been featured at the Theater for the New City, Center Stage, 45 Street Theater, Flamboyan CSV Theater, Natives Theater, Linhart Theater, and La Mama.

Luz Helena Gallo, “Luza”

Luz Helena Gallo, was born in Bogota August 22, 1977. She acquires a system based on common life style, working to find the life wonders and nature mysteries. The art becomes her extension, search and discovery of new experiences represented in aesthetic expression, while she captures the beauty and shapes with all its complexities, finding in their form and light.

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